DizzitUp launches its services business to market in Madagascar, Togo, Benin & Nigeria

Following up with our great announcement regarding the obtention of Togo Business card, we are highly pleased to feature the opening of our first subsidiaries in Madagascar, Togo, Benin & Nigeria.    Indeed, as per DizzitUp’s ambition to develop its business in African countries, the company is inaugurating the initiative in Madagascar, Benin & Nigeria with the very same […]

DizzitUp expands global services to Togo

With a great sense of pride and enjoyment, DizzitUp can officially establish its business in Togo as it obtained Togo Business card. Therefore, we are open to new business developments and opportunities.Togo is one of the main countries DizzitUp is focusing onto developing its business and eleavating Togolese households and shops financially and socially. You can already […]

DizzitUp joins 1000+ efficient and profitable solutions to protect the environment!

DizzitUp is among the 1,000 companies worldwide that has now been carefully identified and labeled as solutions capable of protecting the environment in a financially profitable way.    Following an assessment conducted by key market players, solutions developed by DizzitUp have been recognized by the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label. Through #1000solutions, the Solar Impulse Foundation […]

DizzitUp selected to join Hyper Accelerator’s Incubator – 2021

  DizzitUp joins Hyper Accelerator Incubator 2021 Program. StartupCourse’ s Hyper Accelerator incubator includes extensive mentoring from experienced investors, successful entrepreneurs and experts in various domains. Being part of such program is an honor for DizzitUp and its team members. Get a glimpse of their program  Hyper Accelerator offers a 15-week comprehensive courses that gather […]