DizzitUp 2020 Summary & 2021 Execution Plan

Throughout the last 12 months, amid the Coronavirus outbreak and its resultants, DizzitUp continued to play its part on #RisingAfrica and delivered an unconditional amount of work to make this happen.

Check the video to get an overview of what we have done and what is planned for the year to come!

2020 has been a hectic year for everyone, from small structures to huge companies. The pandemic has turned our world upside down, and we all have to adjust to it in the shortest period of time. However, our ambition remained the same.

In 2020, we made sure to start with important structuring guidelines. 

Now we are welcoming 2021 with major and crucial ambitions, here as glimpses of our roadmap for the upcoming year.


2020 will be engraved in everyone’s memories for a long time. And it is not over yet. Let’s go beyond and accommodate ourselves to what LIFE has to offer. We will continue to affirm our commitment to equality, inclusion, and diversity for a nicer living condition. No matter where we are located. We can do it all together.
All DizzitUp team members wish you happiness, peace of mind, and unforgettable times with your nearest ones.

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